About Us:

Flugtube is a travel platform, designed with simplicity in mind to make your life easier. Flugtube specialises in multi-destination, multi-modal travel. Our proprietary algorithm will get you anywhere in the world, with as many stops as you want, for the cheapest price possible. We provide an easy way to book multi destination holiday packages, you guys don't have too work out any of the difficult details such as time-differences, times to fly, airport and hotel transfers etc. We use a system called open-jaw flight booking which effectively doesn't 'close the loop' until the traveller is returned to their home destination, this systems allows the cost to stay the same, if not decrease compared to a conventional round-trip booking.

Our value proposition is that we take the stress out of booking the holiday, rather than the user spending hours or in some cases weeks, researching and trying endless combinations to find the best deal. Flugtube puts the emphasis on destination discovery, showing the user what is possible, quickly and easily.

The team here like to compare it to having a bowl of lego, you have all these different pieces that you can stick together in any way you choose, yet the outcome is still awesome.

The user can either enter the destination in the search field, click from thumbnails or choose a popular trip, based on other users bookings.

Flugtube will further add value in its' itinerary section, upon booking, a fully automated, customisable itinerary will be produced for the user, this will give information on everything related to the holiday, from airport terminals to train platforms, airport to hotel transfer options, visa information and visa alerts, all the way down to user defined customised notifications reminding the user of passports and phone charges before the travel day.

From the itinerary we will even show you what activities you have time to it in during your stay at various destinations.

From the Flugtube Team,

Happy Travelling!

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