Why Flugtube?

Flugtube is platform which aims to take away the stress from travel planning and booking.

We also know how much time it can take to work out the logistics of an itinerary, we thought we would help you out with that too.

Simply enter in the destinations you want to go to, or click from our selection of trips, and Flugtube will near enough instantly create a whole package with transit and accommodation to all your destinations.

Flugtube is for the adventurer, the trend setter, and those who want to remember their journeys. The team were unimpressed with the current options available for a trip that should be life changing and memorable, we saw just 2 options currently serving the market.

Book with a larger corporate travel agent who will provide you with remade routes that everyone else is also taking. We didn’t think there was much individuality to this.

Spend weeks sitting in-front of the computer screen with 10s of tabs open trying to think about how to get all the parts of the trip to connect. We didn't think this was a nice way to start a holiday. So we decided to change the process…

Why Hostels?

From our own experience we feel that the hostel market is underserved, there are not many options and most of the websites seem incredibly out dated. Which is strange, from our own experience, hostel goers are the best type of travellers, so again, we decided to change the process…

Can I book flights with Flugtube?

At the moment we use the Skyscanner platform to connect you to the vendor to buy your tickets. We are working on integrating our own flight booking system, but to give you the best possible price until then, Skyscanner is a great solution.

Can I book hostels with Flugtube?

Yes! Our hostels booking system is fully integrated and you can rest assured that you can quickly and simply book all your accommodation with us.

How do I make changes or cancellations to my booking?

Changes to flights are made with the airline or vendor directly, after booking, the email confirmation you receive will detail the process to make amendments. Changes for accommodation bookings are handled by the Hostels, all the details are explained in the confirmation email.

If there is any confusion we are always happy to assist and point you in the right direction.

Can I save a trip?

You are able to save the searches if you are a registered user and signed-in. You do this by clicking the small start next to the search box. Unfortunately as prices change all the time we can not save your prices, however it will be easy for you to search the same trip again just by clicking once.

Travel stress-free with the Flugtube

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